2011: Year of In-Flight LTE

By: Zach Flauaus July 19th, 2008

For those who have been dying for in-flight broadband, your wait will soon be over (on select flights, of course). Granted, you’ll only get 2Mbps of download and an insane amount of latency, but you’ll have broadband nonetheless. For those wanting a little more oomph in their in-flight broadband experience, you’ll have to wait until 2011.

Aircell announced that they are planning for the next generation of in-flight services while they have yet to release their first-gen product. By 2011, they are planning to use the 4G cell data technology called LTE. LTE is a standard that will be used by Verizon and AT&T in the future to provide super-fast connections, ranging up to 300Mbps.

This means that an average of 12 people will be able to watch HDTV streams (if HDTV streams stay at 25Mb/sec). Otherwise, you’ll be on a super speedy connection, granted that we will all have 802.11n since the current mega-standard, 802.11g, tops out at 54Mbps. One thing we can only pray for (and it seems to be happening): no VoIP. Because, honestly, who wants to hear about the guy next to you talk about his business trip and how he saved the company millions of dollars? Not me.

Via [Broadband Reports]

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