A few phones coming to T-Mobile this holidays: LG Optimus T, HTC HD7, Motorola Begonia

By: t-marco September 17th, 2010

T-Mobile accessories inventory list has been leaked showing a few phones coming this holidays or before that. In the last road map leaked, clearly we can see a few phones coming this year. Starting this month, Samsung will launch the new and low end Samsung T249.  The HTC Vanguard aka G2 already announced by T-Mobile available soon. In November we have 3 new phones coming. 2 Motorola Android, one is the Jordan aka Defy. The other one, Begonia, probably is the Sholes tablet.. but we can’t confirm this. However it will be an Android phone too. At the same time, HTC will release the new and better myTouch HD.  LG can’t not be left behind. Lg will prepare 2 phones, one the LG Optimus T, a TMO version of the Optimus.

This is a mid range Android phone we told you before. Also LG will offer a new version of the Sentio. Later this month, HTC will offer the new HTC HD7, the first Windows Mobile 7 for T-Mobile. This is pretty much nothing new but just confirming about the last leaked list of phone coming to T-Mobile this year 2010.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab will be avaialbe soon on T-Mobile

By: t-marco September 17th, 2010

Last night Samsung USA invited a small army of media personalities to the Samsung Experience store at the Time Warner Center. The event was to mark the U.S. debut of the latest device to the Samsung Galaxy S portfolio — the Galaxy Tab. The fourth mayor carriers will carry this beauty, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile USA.
The Galaxy Tab features a brilliant 7-inch enhanced TFT display screen, 1GHz Hummingbird Application processor supporting 3D graphics and smooth Web browsing and front and rear-facing cameras for video chat while on-the-go. The Galaxy Tab is powered by Android 2.2™, including full support for Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1. Just like the Galaxy S smart phones, the Galaxy Tab includes Samsung’s Social Hub application and the new Media Hub content service, offering a robust collection of premium movies and TV episodes from some of the biggest entertainment companies.

Will T-Mobile get an AWS version iPhone, same as Videotron?

By: t-marco September 15th, 2010

Rumors about T-Mobile getting the iPhone have  been surfing the net for months, .. many months but now that the AT&T will not longer be the exclusive american carrier to have the iPhone , rumors about T-MO and VZW getting the phone are everywhere.

Videotron, a Canadian Wireless company is preparing to launch a new version of the iPhone.. not is the iPhone 5.. its the new iPHone 3GS with AWS 3G bands. According to a company executive vice president, an announcement about a compatible iPhone coming to the carrier should occur “in the coming months”.

“Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson noted that he had been informed by a “T-Mobile manager” that the carrier would begin offering the iPhone 3GS (but not the iPhone 4) by the end of this year.”

Well that indicates that there is a big chance that the magenta will carry, finally, an apple device.

Via Macrumors

Samsung T249 will be available soon on T-Mobile

By: t-marco September 15th, 2010

T-Mobile is planing to replace the Samsung T239 with this new slider phone, the Samsung T249. As we saw in the last road map leaked, Samsung is planing to launch a new phone, this time a low end, by end of September. The new Samsung T249 (no name) will feature dual band  GSM/ EDGE phone, not 3G, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, screen size  240 x 320 and 2.0 MP camera.We expect this phone to be available as a post and pre paid.

Stay tuned for more information.

T-Mobile has no plans on adding UMA to Android phones.

By: t-marco September 14th, 2010

UMA allows to make and receive phone calls and receive text messages over Wi-Fi.I use this feature all the time when i am over seas, and really works perfectly. Not international roaming, TEXT, MMS and browsing works great and i can be in the middle of no where but if i have wifi, i have coverage.. yes, I own a Blackberry. T-Mobile has only few phones UMA capable, Blackberries and few Nokias. But thanks to Gigaon, T-Mobile is no planing to launch or ad UMA capabilities to any Android device. I believe, like many others , UMA is a great PLUS to any phone, specially to Android.

Do you use UMA?

Motorola Defy coming to T-Mobile this holidays

By: t-marco September 13th, 2010

T-Mobile just announced the new Android phone, the Motorola Defy. Motorola DEFY is scratch and water resistant as well as dust proof, protecting you from life’s little challenges such as a sudden rain shower to a drop in the sand. Pre-installed on the DEFY, CrystalTalk® PLUS vanquishes noisy environments with two microphones that intelligently filter out background noise and amplify your voice so you don’t have to shout.

The new Motorola Defy will feature, a 3.7 inches WVGA screen, Bluetooth,Google Search, Maps and Gmail, Adobe® Flash® Lite®-enabled, 5MP camera with autofocus, flash and digital zoon. More information will be revealed on Oprah’s Show. yes!. Oprah. Remember, back in june, FCC passed a Motorola phone with AWS T-MO 3G bands, it will features, WiFi, b/g/n, Blueteooth 2.1, HSDPA, 1130 mAH battery. More information soon.

Enjoy the Gallery.


RadioShack beats Best Buy with T-Mobile G2 pre-sale price

By: t-marco September 13th, 2010

Just few days ago, Best Buy announced the pre-sale of the new T-Mobile G2 for about 199.99 with 2 years contract. Now RadioShack just announced it will also carry the phone and will offer it in pre-sale, but for about 149.99 , also with 2 years contract. We still don’t know the official price from T-Mobile or even when it will launch the G2. We just need to wait for another leaked information.

The G2 is powered by a Qualcomm MSM 7230 ”Snapdragon” processor at 800MHz. There’s a 5-megapixel camera with full 720p video recording.

The G2 will launch with Android 2.2 and have seven customizable home screens, including one dedicated to apps. Preloaded software includes the new Google Search Voice Actions, the new Google Voice app, Swype, Google Earth, Google Voice, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Talk and Adobe FlashPlayer. To store all those apps, the G2 comes with 4GB of internal memory and an 8GB microSD card (expandable to 32GB).

Confirmed : T-Mobile myTouch HD will have front camera and Android 2.2

By: t-marco September 13th, 2010

Remember the first leaked picture of the myTouch HD? well , everything indicated it will have a front camera for video calls of chat. Now rumors are pretty much clear as the water. A leaked document shows some features about the new myTouch HD coming to T-Mobile. This will be the second HSPA+ phone after the T-Mobile G2.

The document details that the device will have a 3.8-inch screen, HSPA+ radio, Wi-Fi, 4 GB internal memory, micro-SD card slot ( 8 GB card included), 5 megapixel rear-facing camera, front-facing VGA camera, Android 2.2, and SWYPE. It also mentions a dual 1GHZ processor. We hope get more details about this new features.

Stay tuned for more information.