SonyEricsson Vivaz coming to AT&T?

By: t-marco June 25th, 2010

FCC just passed the new SonyEricsson Vivaz, Symbian. Aparently this phone is coming to AT&T as you see the logo in the manual picture. The Sony Ericsson Vivaz features a ‘human curvature’ design that mirrors the shape of the human body. The handset features a 8.1-megapixel camera capable of recording high-quality HD video at 720p that users can view on its 3.2-inch widescreen touch screen display or upload to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It runs on Symbian OS v9.4 and features a MP3 player and FM radio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and high-speed HSDPA 850-1900 Internet .

Features :

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UPDATED: is up and ready to show us what is behind it!

By: t-marco June 23rd, 2010

UPDATED: Its the Samsung Vibrant

T-Mobile just launched a new website called telling us that something big and very interesting coming soon.. There are many speculations about what is coming to T-Mobile is the next weeks. The First clue is the new Samsung Vibrant (aka Galaxy S), then maybe we can get  a new Motorola Basil, possibly a T-Mobile version of the Motorola Sholes or Roi. Another could be a new Sidekick, now own by Microsoft ( btw, this website requires Microsoft Silverlight to be viewed). And the last but not the least a tablet phone? The Galaxy Pad?..

Stay tuned for more information.  4 days and 10 hours left !

T-Mobile announced Samsung Gravity 3, Gravity T and Smiley

By: t-marco June 23rd, 2010

Was just matter of time. Today T-Mobile announced the availability of 3 new slider phones from Samsung, Gravity 3, Gravity T and Smiley.  Few days ago we showed you,  the first official pictures of the Gravity 3 and Smiley. The Samsung Smiley  features a portrait QWERTY slide, Exchange support, and a 1.3 megapixel camera; price: $19.99 on contract. Samsung Gravity 3 features both a numeric keypad and slide-out landscape QWERTY keyboard, 2 megapixel cam, and full HTML browsing. Price : $49.99 on contract. Finally, the Gravity T is basically a touchscreen version of the Gravity 3 with basically identical specs other than the 2.8-inch full touchscreen; it goes for $74.99 on contract. All three are available today.

Exclusive : We introduce you the new Samsung Vibrant – Galaxy S for T-Mobile USA

By: t-marco June 22nd, 2010

YEAH BABY! .. we got the big piece.. who wants the iPhone 4 when T-Mobile has a better one, the new Samsung Vibrant, aka Galaxy S, aka T959. As you remember, we were the first ones to find out about this phone a while ago. Then FCC approved this jewel few days ago. Now, rumors are becoming a fact.

This July 21th T-Mobile is planing something BIG, launching its new Android Phone, Samsung Vibrant. The Samsung Vibrant is apparently coming with The Sims 3 game on board, Avatar, Amazon Kindle, GoGo in-flight Internet support, and an HD camcorder. Naturally, the device will have access to the Android Market where one can already find plenty of great applications, so I guess content won’t really be a problem.

Powered by Android 2.1, the smartphone boasts a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, a 1GHz processor , a 5-megapixel camera with HD video capture and is the first phone with Samsung’s new Smart Life user interface. Other features include FM radio, Bluetooth 3.0 digital compass, WiFi b/n, GPS, 16GB of memory and microSD card slot.

Stay tuned for more information, for now enjoy our exclusive gallery.

UPDATE : The Name Vibrant is Official and confirmed !

iPhone OS 4 available today at 10 am pacific time

By: t-marco June 21st, 2010

iPhone 4 will be available this June 24th.. i am getting one btw. However for those who are gonna stick with their iPhones 3G or 3GS today is the day to update to OS4.  Starting today at 10 am pacific time, Apple will be giving the green lights to roll out the next evolutionary mark for their highly prized mobile platform that’s consistently being fine tuned with each release.

T-Mobile’s father’s day event was a success !

By: t-marco June 21st, 2010

T-Mobile was offering free phones starting this Saturday 19th of June for father’s day. Now, according with BGR, T-Mobile has seen the highest amount of activations this past weekend since only signing up  for a two-year agreement with the carrier.

Stay tuned for more information and how many phones T-Mo activated this weekend’s sale.

T-Mobile expands its HSPA+ Network, covering 25 mayor cities

By: t-marco June 16th, 2010

T-Mobile USA is announcing the expansion of its mobile broadband network, offering 4G speeds to more than 25 metropolitan areas across the U.S. and expects to cover more than 75 million Americans with HSPA+ by the end of June. T-Mobile’s webConnect Rocket USB modem will be available in the newly-upgraded markets, which include LA, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Tampa, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and New Orleans, among others. Besides will be another USB modem, the webConnect Rocket 2.0 available soon.

But what phones are going to feel the speeds upgrade?  here is the list :

T-Mobile confirms all FREE phones this June 19th for father’s day

By: t-marco June 15th, 2010

T-Mobile announced that they will be offering up all of their phone for FREE (some with mail-in rebates) this Saturday, 19 June, for customers who sign up for a family plan with at least two phones on it. Current T-Mobile customers can convert a single-user plan into a family plan by adding at least one user, or adding lines to a family plan they already have. You can get up to five free phones with a single family plan, though each will come with a two-year contract.