T-Mobile HTC HD2 out of stock in few hours !!

By: t-marco March 26th, 2010

T-Mobile hit the bell with its new HTC HD2 Windows Mobile phone. Reports indicated that the new device was already sold  out in 4 hours and there is a chance this is nationwide.

Fortunately, there are other ways to get your HTC HD2 without contract.. People ( probably the same one who bought them all ) started a bid for the HD2 on eBay. Price starts now at US$ 570 and growing .. If you are lucky you can go to Letstalk, Walmart or Amazon.. Good luck hunting a new HD2.

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Amazon offers T-Mobile HD2 for 99.99 with 2 years contract

By: t-marco March 25th, 2010

T-Mobile just launched its new Windows Mobile phone 6.5, the new HTC HD2 for 199.99. This is a good price for a powerful smart phone.  Now Amazon is offering the HD2 for only 99 bucks with 2 years contract.. what? .. We don’t know how this seller can handle it selling a new phone that just launched at that price. The 99 dollars price is without mail in rebate and if you sign for a new 2 years contract. Quick and grab yours before they run out!.

T-Mobile HSPA+ starting to roll out Nationwide

By: t-marco March 25th, 2010

T-Mobile expects to deploy HSPA+ across its current HSPA 3G network by the end of the year. The carrier’s network covers more than 100 metropolitan areas that are home to 185 million people. The Dell Mini 10 used by T-Mobile at the CTIA demo will be the first netbook offered by the carrier. The mini-laptop is scheduled to be available online Thursday and in T-Mobile stores in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami. The system will cost $200 with a two-year data plan.

HSPA+ is compatible with devices running HSPA, so network upgrades do not require mobile subscribers to buy new devices. ABI Research believes HSPA+ will compete with LTE and mobile WiMax, 4G technologies being deployed in the United States by Verizon Wireless and Sprint, respectively.

T-Mobile just announced Dell Mini 10, HSPA+ capable

By: t-marco March 23rd, 2010

T-Mobile just today has announced the new and first Notebook with AWS adn HSPA+, the Dell Mini 10.  Dell Mini 10 with Windows 7 Starter Edition and N450 Processor. Will be HSPA+ capable and allow for up to 8-hours of continuous usage. Will be available tomorrow in several cities: LA, Dallas, Miami, and Chicago.

Rumors about T-Mobile would start selling laptops were on the new for a long time.

Nokia Nuron review by Engadget

By: t-marco March 22nd, 2010

Our friends from engadget made a review of the new semi-smart phone from Nokia, the Nuron or Nokia 5230 Xpress Music.  The Nuron is the first touch screen phone for T-Mobile.  This is a mid entry touch screen phone that supports 3G (HSDPA) bands, aGPS  (compatible with Ovi Maps 3.0), 2MP camera, and more.


iPhone may hit T-Mobile after all? …. but with 3G AWS bands?

By: t-marco March 19th, 2010

According to comments made by René Obermann, CEO of T-Mobile USA  may start offering the iPhone as soon as later this year or early 2011.  The iPhone has been a really popular device since the first time they launch it. Now that agreedment between AT&T and Apple will be end, T-Mobile is looking forward to carrying it.  But T-Mobile is now focusing on Andriod devices like the new Samsung T959, (or Behold 3) and possibly an new LG phone that just recently passed FCC with AWS bands.

Is the iPhone coming with AWS 3G bands? … T-Mobile and other few carriers are the only ones that use AWS 3G bands.  For that reason, we doubt that apple will make a new iPhone only for those carriers supporting 1700/2100 3G bands.  We just hope the iPhone will arrive on T-Mobile’s network, with only EDGE or 3G..

T-Mobile in talks with ClearWire… more spectrum coming?

By: t-marco March 19th, 2010

The rumors are becoming real news. T-Mobile is moving to a third parties partners like  Clearwire to get more spectrum for the new 4G services. Rumors of a joint venture with Clearwire originally surface last September when Bloomberg reported that T-Mobile was in talks with Clearwire in a negotiation that involved a cash investment from T-Mobile USA parent Deutsche Telecom in exchange for access to Clearwire’s growing 4G  network and spectrum resources

Because T-Mobile USA has been losing customers, to larger as well as smaller rivals, there was a rash of speculation last year about its future, with possibilities ranging from a merger with Sprint, Leap Wireless International Inc or MetroPCS Communications Inc, to a network partnership with Clearwire Corp.

Routers asked whether T-Mobile USA would consider teaming up with U.S. competitor Sprint Nextel, Dotson said: “What you never want to do is take one company that is going through challenges and take another company going through challenges”.

We have to wait until the official news to see that is going to be T-Mobile’s new plan.

Motorola Cliq XT already available from T-Mobile, but not for 99.99

By: t-marco March 17th, 2010

Finally the Motorola Cliq XT has reached T-Mobile stores. The new Android phone from Motorola and MotoBlur will be available starting today for 129 with 2 years contract, not like 99.99 we told you yeaterday.  This can be a good option if you don’t like the myTouch 3G or the original Motorola Cliq.