Another Motorola 3G phone, maybe an Android, passed FCC with T-MO AWS bands

By: t-marco February 15th, 2010

Today FCC just gave us another surprise for T-Mobile customers. Another Motorola phone has been passed FCC today (FCC ID IHDP56Kz1), with AWS 3G bands compatible with T-Mobile USA.  The new device probably will be and Android phone (possibly running 2.1).  According with the battery model, it uses the same as the Droid or Cliq.  This could be the first Android Phone from Motorola with WiFi.

The new Motorola Android phone will feature Quadband GSM/EDGE class 12, Triband HSDPA 7.2 Mbps 900/1700/2100. aGPS/Standalone GPS/aGPS, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR and WiFi b/g.

Stay tuned for more information.


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Microsoft introduces Windows Phone 7 Series

By: t-marco February 15th, 2010

Microsoft just has introduced today a new phone running Windows Mobile 7 called Windows Phone 7 Series.  This really is a completely new OS. New and completely refresh. The first Windows 7 phones will be available by holiday 2010,  first maybe AT&T then T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

Features Includes:

Motorola Cliq getting Android 2.1 Q2 2010

By: t-marco February 15th, 2010

According with Motorola’s website, The Motorola Cliq is going to get the new Android 2.1 on Q2 2010, the DROID update will be rolling out really soon with no concrete date.  Those with the DEXT will have to wait until Q3 2010 to get their update. A similar scenario applies to the Milestone with European Milestone owners receiving their update sometime in Q2 2010, while those in Latin America and Asia-Pacific must wait patiently for Motorola to evaluate the feasibility of an update.

This is a great improvement for the Motorola Cliq and great news for their owners. Thanks Motorola


Motorola announced Motorola Cliq XT, coming to T-Mobile March 10th

By: t-marco February 15th, 2010

Today Motorola just announced a new Android phone, the new Motorola Cliq XT ( for T-Mobile USA) or Quench ( for international use) . The new Motorola CLIQ XT will features Android 2.1, a 3.1-inch touchscreen (480 x 320), 5MP camera with autofocus and Flash, GPS (Telenav), MotoBlur, dual microphone for noise cancellation, Stereo Bluetooth, FM radio, and Adobe Flash light.  The new Motorola Cliq Xt will be available in March 10th via T-Mobile USA.

Official Announcement

T-Mobile will launch a new USB modem, WebConnect Glide, Huawei UMG 1691

By: t-marco February 10th, 2010

T-Mobile is adding new phone recently, like the new color refresh of the Samsung Gravity 2, Nokia Nuron 5230, and soon a new Android phone from Motorola, The Cliq XT with physical keyboard. Now T-Mobile is preparing a new USB modem. Not Happy with the Jet, the magenta carrier will launch the WebConnect Glide or UMG 1691.  The new USB modem will feature Quadband GSM/EDGE, compatible with HSDPA/HSUPA. As other USB modems, the WebConnect Glide will feature a slot for a micro SD memory card, up to 8GB.  Not official news from T-Mobile about when or price the Glide will be released. So stay tune for more information.

FCC passed Samsung T569, a curve touch screen phone?

By: t-marco February 9th, 2010

FCC just passed the new Samsung T569 coming to T-Mobile. This new curve phone will feature SMS, MMS, Bluetooth and IM as well as T-Mobile’s MyFaves program to keep in contact with customers’ favorite people. Integrated Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology allows users to wirelessly connect to optional compatible handsfree accessories such as headsets and car kits. Besides that, we can tell you that the Samsung T569 will feature a 200 x 400 screen size, 2 soft keys, 3G bands and a Dolphin Browser version 1.5 (same as the Jet)

Seams like this phone will be a mix of the Samung Corby with the Samsung Jet or a new version of the Samsung Highlight. All of them use Dolphin browser.

Stay tuned for more information.

Nokia Nuron 5230, first official pictures leaked!

By: t-marco February 9th, 2010

As we told you before (btw, we were the first ones to tell you about this phone) T-Mobile is launching this March 17th. Here we have the first official pictures of the Nokia Nuron 5230 Xpress Music. This is a mid entry touch screen phone that supports 3G (HSDPA) bands, aGPS  (compatible with Ovi Maps 3.0), 2MP camera, and more.  If you like touch screen and Symbian OS  phones, this is the right device for you, but you have to wait until March 17th. This phone will come in white, but we believe will come in other colors too.

check our gallery after the jump

Motorola Cliq XT, Nokia 5230 Nuron and Gravity 2 Dark Blue coming this Q1 to T-Mobile

By: t-marco February 7th, 2010

After the big news about T-Mobile is for sale, the magenta company keeps launching new phones.  T-Mobile is planning to launch a few phones for this Q1 2010. As you know, T-Mobile is preparing the new Windows Mobile phone from HTD, the T-Mobile HD2 (coming in March 24th).

There were many speculations about a new Android Phone device, and finally the mystery is solved. The new Motorola Zepellin, aka Cliq XT (coming in March 10th). We told you before about a new touch screen phone coming to T-Mobile, but this time by Nokia. This is the Nokia 5230 Xpress Music , aka Nuron(coming in March 17th)  this is an affordable touch screen phone, like the T-Mobile Tap.

There are other phones, besides the new SonyEricsson Equinox Ocean Blue and the Samsung T139, Samsung is also cooking a new color refresh of the Gravity 2, this time in Dark Blue.

For now, T-Mobile has 4 new phones coming in the new 2 months. Just keep in touch for more detailed information.