Nexus One: US$ 180 with a plan, 530 without.

By: t-marco December 29th, 2009

Nexus One page

The time is getting close, our friend over Gizmodo got the first leak pictures of the new Nexus One webiste. According with Google the phone will be available with only one plan: $39.99 Even More (500 min)  + unlimited Text, MMS, Instant messaging  + unlimited Web for $79.99 total. Not bad but only one?.. come one, Google!

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T-Mobile will support Google Nexus One, but.. it won’t sell it.

By: t-marco December 29th, 2009


According with BGR, Google wont make any agreements with any wieless carrier by the time Google launches its new phone, the Nexus One.  Here is an internal photo saying T-Mobile will support many features for this phone but, it will only be sold my Google ( via web ) .

Google, with support from T-Mobile, is scheduled to launch a new Android device in early January. The Google Android phone will be sold directly by Google via the Web.

Support for the device including troubleshooting and exchanges will be managed by Google and HTC. T-Mobile will offer service support including billing, coverage, features, and rate plans. Additional details Streamline content regarding the launch of Google’s Android phone will be coming in early January.

Maybe T-Mobile will sell this phone around March, but this is just a rumor.


Nexus One desktop and Car dock passed FCC

By: t-marco December 29th, 2009


The release date for  Nexus One is getting close. We know know  its specifications. What is next? many believed that the next good news would be an actual confirmation from Google on this Android phone. But it seems that the accessories will be the ones taking over the news this time. The manufacturer of the Nexus One (HTC) has submitted for approval a Nexus One Desktop Dock with the Model Name: CR B410, and Nexus One Cark Dock with the Model name CK B410.

T-Mobile G1 getting officially an update… Android 2.0?

By: t-marco December 27th, 2009

Android 2.0 on G1

The T-Mobile G1 is the first Google phone in the market and the first Android phone on T-Mobile’s line up. There are many complains about this phone because the G1 wont get another mayor updates or it wont be recommended to upgrade to Android 2.0 because hardware  issues. We have saw also the T-Mobile g1 running the Motoblur. Apparently this is over. AndroidSPIN has reported that the G1 is getting the Android 2.0 or 2.0.1 really soon.

  • G1 system partition: 69120K
  • T-Mobile Android 1.5: 68780k
  • T-Mobile Android 1.6: 68800k

The G1 has about 70 MB available for the operating system to be installed. Android 1.5 used 99.5% of that space and Android 1.6 was no different.

  • Emulator Android 1.6: 61216k
  • T-Mobile Android 1.6: 68800k
  • Emulator Android 2.0: 70964k
  • T-Mobile Android 2.0: ???

Android 2.0 running in the emulator already goes over the G1 system partition limit. The T-Mobile version will likely be 7-8 MB larger. For those of you who are curious, the myTouch 3G (and most other Android phones) feature a 90 MB system partition and will have no problem with Android 2.0.

Google Nexus full specifications …is T-Mobile launching it on January?

By: t-marco December 25th, 2009


The smartphone features UMTS 900 / 1700 / 2100 MHz connectivity – alongside quad-band GSM – and thus it’s compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G network and won’t work on AT&T’s 3G frequencies.

According to Engadget, T-Mobile USA may launch the Google Nexus One on January 5, 2010. The problem  is that, for the beginning, the phone will be offered only by invitation – although we don’t know what you have to do ( maybe have 8 lines with T-Mobile? )  or who you need to be in order to get an invitation.

Happy Holidays from CPS..Feliz Navidad!!

By: t-marco December 25th, 2009


On behalf of all the team here at CelphoneSignal, I’d like to wish those of you who celebrate it a very merry Christmas. And if today isn’t your holiday, I hope that you are relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family — even web workers deserve a day off occasionally.

Have a safe long weekend and may you be able to spend it (stress-free) with family and friends!

I’ve put together some information and fun things to do for some of the holidays in the month of December. Please enjoy!!

Prove of the HTC HD2 ROM with T-Mobile, now in Video!

By: t-marco December 22nd, 2009

htc hd 2 with t-mo rom

Few days ago, we showed you some pics of the HTC HD2 ROM proving that it will have some T-Mobile USA configuration, like Telenav. Now, there is a video showing this the ROM working on the HTC HD 2. You can clearly see the Stick Together pink square when the phone turns on and off, a web2go  and T-Mobile buckup icon on the menu. This ROM 2.0.1 its only for testing, maybe T-Mobile is preparing a new one coming soon. The rumors are getting more clear and we just are waiting for the first pictures of the HTC HD 2 with a T-Mobile logo on the front and the myfaves logo on the back.

Stay tune for more information!


myTouch 3G for 99.99 on

By: t-marco December 18th, 2009

myTouch 3g for 99.99

Few days ago, we gave you a good deal, the Blackberry 8900 for free, now, T-Mobile is offering the myTouch3G for 99.99 without rebates. Only requires 2 years agreement on Even More plans  or 399.99 on EvenMore Plus plans. Get this deal before ends..