Android 2.0 running on the T-Mobile G1

By: t-marco October 30th, 2009

android 2.0 on the T-Mobile G1

Just few days ago ,Google announced the new Android 2.0 with new features like SDK support and a comprehensive list of changes in the latest version.  We are gonna see the new Android 2.0 running on the new Droid phone from Verizon and probably an update to the HTC Hero, but, the G1?.. Seams it works. Expect the new Android 2.0 ROM available on the XDA forums in the next days.



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T-Mobile launches SonyEricsson Equinox

By: t-marco October 28th, 2009

SonyEricsson Equinox

As you guys know, T-Mobile just launched the new Sony Ericsson Equinox TM717 just today. The new Equinox is available in Carbon color. Maybe T-Mobile will release new colors in the near future.  The price? US$ 50.00 after 50 dollars mail in rebate.

Android 2.0 officially announced

By: t-marco October 27th, 2009

Android 2.0

A while ago, Google announced the new Android 1.6 , now, the new Version 2.0 is officially announced. The new Android 2.0 “Eclair” contains two very important sections: SDK support and a comprehensive list of changes in the latest version. Here are the major changes us lay folk are going to care about:

T-Mobile Shadow for Free only on

By: t-marco October 25th, 2009

shadow for free

If you like windows mobile phones and you are looking to get one without paying a penny, this is chance. T-Mobile has great a great deal today, offering the new T-Mobile Shadow, in both colors, for free!.  yes, guys for free!.

Check it out!

Sense UI update for HTC Magic is here. Only in Taiwan for now.. T-Mobile when?

By: t-marco October 25th, 2009


I have some good news, that indicate that soon Sense UI may be officially made available for HTC Magic devices. At least where their carrier contracts and Google licensing requirements do not prevent it. (hope T-Mobile does not). HTC and Google heve released a new ROM update for the Magic, and it’s packing the Sense UI! Finally, Magic owners don’t have to put up with a stock Android homescreen anymore.

T-Mobile finally announces Project Dark, EVEN MORE plans

By: t-marco October 25th, 2009

T-Mobile new Even more plans

T-Mobile today announced officially new plans, EVEN MORE and EVEN MORE PLUS plans.. lets call then, EVEN LESS. This great news for new costumers. The ones not want to sing contract have the best cut of the pie. For ones who really want to sing 2 years contract and pay less for the phones, the news are not great.

Pictures of the new SonyEricsson TM717 Equinox

By: t-marco October 24th, 2009

SonyEricsson Equinox TM717

Back in June, FCC passed the new 3G phone from Sony Ericsson, the new TM717, aka Equinox. Now, T-Mobile is planing to launch this phone on October 28th, and before that, we are going to show you some pictures and the new SonyEricsson Equinox.

Check out our gallery after the jump.

Do you want to have the Palm Pre on T-Mobile ? here is how

By: t-marco October 21st, 2009

palm pre gsm version

If you think T-Mobile will launch one day a Palm phone, specially the Palm Pre.. forget about it..  But here is how you can use the Pre without switching to Sprint.  Palm is going to release soon the new Unlock GSM version of its new phone, The Palm Pre.