More info for Samsung T659, manual, pics and Specifications

By: t-marco August 29th, 2009

Samsung T659

The new Samsung T659 was scheduled to be released on Sept 2nd. However there is a delay. Instead it will be launched on Sept 9th.

While you are waiting for this phone, we are going to give you a little extra more information about this phone. Manual , pictures, specifications and tips.

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FCC feeling generous passes 3 new T-Mobile devices

By: Shawn August 29th, 2009

Boy oh boy do we love the FCC. Just today we are seeing 3 new handsets, all heading to T-Mobile USA, pass through the FCC filters. First up: Nokia 3710. The specs on the Nokia 3710 flip phone will include:

Nokia N900 Maemo UI Video!

By: t-marco August 28th, 2009
Nokia N900
Nokia N900 UI

We are giving you all the information we can find about the new upcoming desktop phone for T-Mobile, the new Nokia N900 with Maemo 5 UI. Following the announcement yesterday of the Maemo-powered N900 check out the demo film with the impressive UI.

Maemo 5 video hits YouTube, Nokia & T-Mobile customers drool

By: Shawn August 28th, 2009

We posted an incredibly sexy Nokia N900 promo video just hours ago. And look at what has surfaced in the meantime. Remember how “iPhone Killer” lost traction in the recent months? I think it is time to bring that phrase back. Either way, we should expect to see the Nokia N900 on T-Mobile shelves in the coming weeks months. Sorry about the last post…I was being optimistic but looking into it a bit more we will have to wait a bit for this oh-so beautiful device. Enjoy the video!

Please…wipe up your drool, that’s disgusting.

Nokia N900 Strutting it’s stuff

By: Shawn August 28th, 2009

Remember the Nokia Rover? Well we know it is headed to T-Mobile in the coming weeks. Nokia just released a video that has all of us over at CPS drooling over this new device. Check it out!

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone is Up!(Updated-Landscape Mode)

By: t-marco August 27th, 2009

Facebook 3.0 landscape mode

Nearly two weeks after submitting the app to Apple, Facebook’s totally revamped 3.0 application is finally live on the App Store. You can download it now using itunes or App Store from your ipod touch or iPhone.

Nokia 3710 Fold 3G passed FCC hitting T-Mobile

By: t-marco August 27th, 2009

Nokia 3710 Fold

The new Nokia 3710 Fold is expected to be released on T-Mobile USA on Q4 2009 and today the new 3G phone just passed FCC with pictures (internal and external) hidden. That means, this phone is going to be released on T-Mobile soon.

Verizon’s Top Blackberrys for under $10

By: Shawn August 27th, 2009

Verizon Wireless offers Blackberry’s first touchscreen device for $49.99, not too shabby of a deal. Yet our friends over at Wirefly have decided to offer what was arguably Blackberry’s best device for the past months for anywhere between $.99 to $29.99. Saving that $20-$50 will definitely help you pay for the Blackberry data plan that comes with these devices.

Oh but we’re not done here. Someone at Wirefly decided that $50 off a device wasn’t good enough. Blackberry’s newest device on Verizon, the Blackberry Tour, sells for $149.99. Our lazy pals at Wirefly decided that was too many numbers to write, so they dropped the 1, AND the 4 from the price. Meaning? Yep, that means that you can pick up the Blackberry Tour from Wirefly from between $9.99 and $49.99.

Head on over to to check out the deals!