Samsung Highlight, not only for T-Mobile. By FCC

By: t-marco July 31st, 2009

Samsung SHG-T746

Just few weeks ago, Samsung and T-Mobile launched the new Samsung Highlight SGH-T749, This new phone features a large touch screen display, agps, and more. Also we know the Highlight is exclusively in USA by T-Mobile. Apparently, Samsung is planing to launch this phone in Latin American too and now with 850/1900 3G bands.

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Who is interested in a Google Voice number?

By: Shawn July 31st, 2009

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3G switched on in El Paso, Texas

By: Shawn July 31st, 2009

While all of our reports remain unconfirmed by T-Mobile, we are seeing multiple T-Mobile users in El Paso stating that they began to see that nice little “3G” icon in the corner of their devices. El Paso, part of our 30-something cities that were supposed to get T-Mobile 3G in Q3 of 2009, is in Southern Texas, on the border between the United States and Mexico. Through 2009, T-mobile has vigorously been expanding their 3G network, the same network that just placed 2nd in the United States for fastest wireless 3G Internet.

Update: 3G has reportedly been switched on in Lehigh Valley areas of Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton, Pennsylvania. 

Galaxy Lite in the works, Samsung GT-I5700

By: t-marco July 30th, 2009

Samsung Galaxy Lite

We know about the first Android phone from Samsung, Galaxy, is coming soon and T-Mobile is getting one. But now, The WiFi Alliance shows a certifications for the new Samsung Galaxy Lite. Yes guys, a Galaxy Lite is coming.

FCC passed HTC Topaz with American Flavor, AT&T Warhawk

By: t-marco July 30th, 2009

HTC Topaz

After the big news about the new Motorola Morrison for T-Mobile now, another big news. Today FCC shows the confirmation of the new Windows Mobile, or we can call it now Windows Phone HTC Topaz, but this time with American 3G bands, 850/1900.

Motorola Morrison with T-Mobile 3G bands and WiFi passed FCC

By: t-marco July 29th, 2009

Motorola Morrison Android Phone

Today we we received a big surprise from our mobile-phone-testing friends in the government, the FCC. They like to test out our phones to make sure that the radiation emitted isn’t at a dangerous level. They also like publishing these results, which often times provides us with great info on upcoming devices! Today, CPS was the first to discover a new Motorola phone that has passed the FCC filters with T-Mobile 3G bands (1700/2100). This devices the first from Motorola that will be compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G bands.

Official Facebook Application coming to Android soon?

By: t-marco July 29th, 2009


An official Facebook Android application has been peculiarly missing from Android Market. However, according to the latest rumor posted by TechCrunch. They put a Facebook app for Android up and available as early as the end of this week!

T-Mobile announces HTC Touch Pro2

By: t-marco July 29th, 2009

T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2

Today T-Mobile officially announced the new Windows Mobile device, the HTC Touch Pro 2. Nwahs just posted couple days the Touch Pro 2 will come on Aug 12th here.