Samsung F480 (Behold) comes with Games ..sort of

By: T-Marco May 30th, 2009

samsung-f480-games-editionSamsung keeps pumping new versions of its popular F480, aka Behold, touchscreen phone, which was sold in more than 5 million units worldwide. So far we’ve seen Hugo Boss, La Fleur and Pink editions of the popular Tocco phone. Now Samsung is out with yet another variation called F480 Games Edition. The question is? It is going to be a software update? or Java enable?.

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Samsung T349 review by Cnet

By: T-Marco May 29th, 2009

tmo_sgh-t349_left1T-Mobile has stepped in, with the Samsung Gravity late last year, and more recently with the Samsung SGH-T349. Phones that are focus to texters and or called messaging phones.  However, it doesn’t have the traditional full QWERTY keyboard. In fact, it’s the first messaging phone we’ve seen that has a 20-key keyboard similar to the BlackBerry Pearl’s SureType keypad.

Another 3G phone approved, this time Samsung SGH-T559

By: T-Marco May 29th, 2009

Samsung SGH-T559All the four 3G Samsung phones we’ve told you will come to T-Mobile, are passing already by FCC. Just after the Samsung T749, aka Spark, passed FCC, another 3G Samsung did it. This time is the Samsung T559.

Samsung Spark or T749 just passed FCC for T-Mobile USA

By: T-Marco May 27th, 2009

t749_2T-Mobile is planning to launch many new phones including some Samsungs. Some of them are low-end like the new Samsung t239 . We were the first to told you about this phone few days ago. Now, we know that the Samsung Spark is coming to T-Mobile as Samsung T749.

Google I/O geeks getting free unlocked HTC Magic with T-Mobile 3G Bands

By: T-Marco May 27th, 2009

Every attendee is getting hooked up with an unlocked HTC Magic in black plus 30 days of voice and 3G data service. Yes guys, if you are a completely into google I/O and you are gonna attend this conference, you are very lucky.

Nokia N900 Internet Tablet really coming to T-Mobile in Aug/Sept 2009?

By: T-Marco May 25th, 2009

lowres_nokroverZDnet just announced a new rumor about Nokia and T-Mobile.  Rumored news on the next Nokia Internet Tablet referred to as the N900, Rover,coming this year to T-Mobile USA. It is very similar to the Nokia N97, but with a higher resolution display and Maemo OS rather than S60.

A new 3G card coming to T-Mobile?

By: T-Marco May 25th, 2009

new-3g-card2After the USB stick Modem we told you first here, here and here. Now seams that probably T-Mobile will launch another 3G modem, but this time is going to be a card.

Upcoming phones 2009 leaked for AT&T

By: T-Marco May 25th, 2009

att-2009-phonesThanks to engadgetmobile, we have more clear information about the phone coming to AT&T this year. Just few days ago, we told you about the new phone coming to T-Mobile USA, now is time for AT&T.