iPhone 3G Pro coming in June? (Rumor)

By: T-Marco March 31st, 2009

Barrons, part of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, is reporting info on the upcoming iPhone release. Calling it the iPhone 3G Pro, they quote RBC Capital’s Mike Abramsky that claims faster 3G. The improvements will be:

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T-Mobile USA launches Samsung T119

By: T-Marco March 31st, 2009

Today, T-Mobile launched the Samsung T119.  The Samsung SGH-T119 made its first appearance at CES 2009. Its a simple candy-bar phone. It didn’t illicit oohs and aahs from people present at CES and literally came out with a low profile.

Samsung SCH-U960 passes FCC

By: T-Marco March 30th, 2009

Today FCC just passed a new Samsung phone, possibly coming to Verizon Wireless.  The new Samsung phone passed by FCC is the Samsung U960. There are rumors about this is going to be an upgrade of the Glyde, Glyde 2?

Samsung T239 passes through FCC

By: Shawn March 27th, 2009


The FCC has managed to get on our good side lately, and let me tell you, that is not easy to do. First they revealed the Samsung T349, then the HTC Magic (T-Mobile G2), and now the Samsung T239. Granted the Magic is the only device with features that got our mouths watering, the two new Samsung devices are always welcome to T-Mobile’s lineup.

HTC Magic Passes FCC with T-Mobile USA Branding

By: Shawn March 26th, 2009

Well well well, what do we have here? Today the HTC Magic, showing some sexy pink and gray T-Mobile USA branding and sporting T-Mobile USA 3G bands, passed through the beloved FCC filters. The HTC Magic, codenamed “Sapphire,” is the first T-Mobile device to pass through the FCC with both T-Mobile 3G, AND UMA. Lucky day indeed for T-Mobile users, what more could you ask for?

FCC passed Samsung SGH-A177

By: T-Marco March 26th, 2009

Today FCC showed us another Samsung phone that  probably will come to AT&T soon. Few days ago, it was the Samsung A877, now, is going to be the Samsung A177.

Samsung T349 passes through FCC

By: Shawn March 26th, 2009


Yeah, I just got my watermarking ability back. If you have any problems with that, you are more then welcome to head on over to the FCC Site and check out the recently passed T349 for your self.

G1 users get MyAccount & Other T-Mobile News

By: Shawn March 25th, 2009


It is your lucky day T-Mobile G1 users, as an official T-Mobile application has just been released in the Android Marketplace. The MyAccount application gives users information that they would be able to see from MyT-Mobile.com, including minute used, remaining, bill summary, and much more. As we can see in the picture above, the application will be similar to MyT-Mobile.com, providing nearly identical features. Congrats to T-Mobile for giving G1 users an easy way to track how many minutes and message have been used. Not a T-Mobile G1 user?