T-Mobile Sidekicks to get slight Update

By: Shawn February 22nd, 2009


We’re hearing news this morning on an interesting move T-Mobile is making with their Sidekick devices. We know it isn’t Sidekick 2009 news, but it will have to hold you over for now. Trust us, we have ninjas working on it as you read this. Starting on March 10th, T-Mobile will offer all the conveniences of MyFaves to Sidekick customers, without the additional cost of MyFaves.

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T-Mobile 3G webConnect USB likely coming March 25th

By: Shawn February 22nd, 2009


After previously posting some “in the wild” (more like in our hand) pictures of the upcoming T-Mobile webConnect USB, we’ve been patiently awaiting a release date and maybe even some pricing. Our friends over at Engadget got their hands on an internal screenshot, and has brought us all of the information we could want and more. Here is what we know:

Unboxing the LG VX9600 Versa

By: Breathe T-mobile February 20th, 2009

The pictures speak for themselves….

T-Mobile Unlimited Loyalty Plans get official on MyT-Mobile.com

By: Shawn February 20th, 2009

T-Mobile $49.99 calling plan details

We told you it was coming, but it still comes as a surprise to some T-Mobile customers as they login to MyT-Mobile.com and see this great deal. February 18th has come and gone, and we have received multiple reports from users that have received offers for the $49.99 unlimited loyalty plan. Some are calling this a “groundbreaking” move from T-Mobile, and while we wouldn’t go that far, we are thrilled that T-Mobile yet again stayed ahead in the pricing curve by offering customers some of the lowest prices in the industry, for what JD Power and Associates has rated the best wireless company in America.

FCC passed LG VX9200 for Verizon

By: T-Marco February 20th, 2009

FCC today passed a new LG phone for Verizon Wireless. As we know, Verizon is going to launch the LG Versa on March 1st. Now, another LG also will be launched on Verizon line up. This time is the LG VX9200.

T-Mobile.com in Espanol Feb 22

By: T-Marco February 19th, 2009

Yes Amigos Latinos. T-Mobile has not forgotten its Hispanic costumers. T-Mobile USA is planing to launch a new and fresh T-Mobile.com totally in Spanish.

HTC Magic and T-Mobile link?

By: Shawn February 19th, 2009

Admittedly this one is not even near the “solid information” category, but we found it to be an interesting development in the adventure of the recently announced HTC Magic. 

T-Mobile offers Unlimited Voice Plan for $49.99 to Loyal Customers

By: admin February 18th, 2009

We have seen rumors floating around the web that T-Mobile is launching an unlimited voice plan for $49.99. One of are T-Mobile Ninjas from the San Fransisco area sent in details on exactly what T-Mobile loyalists will may be seeing. Of course there are a couple internal things that were accidently sent in, so we have black-boxed a tiny bit of the information, but click the link to see the terms, conditions, eligiablility requirements, FAQ, and more!