T-Mobile’s Upcoming Phones

By: Shawn January 31st, 2009

In order to provide our users with the most organized and up to date information, CPS has created a brand new Upcoming Phones page! Some exciting new information has been posted on the upcoming phones page already. Here are a couple highlights:

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HTC Diamond and Pearl Flip 8230 soon on Verizon

By: T-Marco January 29th, 2009

Pretty much seams that the exclusive days of the Blackberry Pear Flip 8220 for T-Mobile are going to end soon specially now that T-Mobile will push the Blackberry 8220 by dropping the price to 79.99.  Verizon Wireless, on Q2 2009 is planing to launch the Blackberry Pear Flip 8230 CDMA/EDVO version. What color?, in white/silver.

T-Mobile launches Samsung T339 Charcoal

By: T-Marco January 29th, 2009

Released for T-Mobile, the Samsung T339 Charcoal a T-Mobile HotSpot @Home service, seamlessly connecting users to a home Wi-Fi connection or T-Mobile HotSpot – saving them minutes and money. Fallowing the Sony Ericsson TM506 Scarlet, T-Mobile just launched

T-Mobile releases Q4 Numbers

By: Shawn January 29th, 2009

T-Mobile Logo

T-Mobile’s addition of 621,000 new customers in Q4 of 2008 is nothing to brag about. Of course it is better than some of the numbers Sprint has been reporting recently (1 million customer loss anyone?), but it doesn’t stand up to Verizon’s 1.37 million or AT&T’s 2.1 million new customers in Q4. 

Samsung T929 Memoir Specifications

By: T-Marco January 29th, 2009

Last we heard, T-Mobile  getting the Samsung Memoir T929 on February 18th., but the newest internal documents are sadly pointing to February 25th a week later. Then we know that the Samsung T929 will not support java and the browser will be the same as the Behold.

T-Mobile and The Recording Academy: The New Hot Couple In Town?

By: Shawn January 29th, 2009


 T-Mobile USA and The Recording Academy have teamed up for the 51st annual Grammy Awards. With this new partnership, T-Mobile Sidekick users and music lovers should be receiving exciting new benefits and opportunities. T-Mobile states:

Sidekick LX 2009?

By: T-Marco January 28th, 2009

Gosh,i did not it will come out really soon? a new Sidekick LX 2009 with GPS and 3G…Everything seems to match up with what a Sidekick LX 2009 would have. It mentions 3G, which is pretty much a given at this point.

Nokia SuperNova 7510 pictures appear on T-Mobile Web

By: T-Marco January 27th, 2009

T-Mobile was a little late about the official release of the new Nokia 7510 scheduled for January 21st. But the waiting is over. T-Mobile is Nokia are preparing to release the one of the SuperNova line up phones, the Nokia 7510 now on January 28th.