T-Mobile USA teams up with Yahoo

By: T-Marco November 20th, 2008

T-Mobile USA, which is currently rolling out its 3G wireless network across the country, is turning to Yahoo to power its search and mobile Web portal in an effort to boost data usage.

On Thursday T-Mobile said it would use Yahoo’s OneSearch as the default search tool on its phones.

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T-Mobile announces Cameo

By: T-Marco November 19th, 2008

T-Mobile announces the cameo wireless photo frame to display camera phone imagesDo you have a camera-enabled phone, but don’t know what to do with all of those captured images? Would you like to share those images with family and friends? Well, T-Mobile and Parrot have come together to launch the T-Mobile cameo, a MMS photo frame, that allows anyone to send photos from their cellphone to the picture frame.

G1 capable of multi-touch input? Looks like it.

By: T-Marco November 18th, 2008

Whenever the G1 vs iPhone debate gets underway, iPhone purists are quick to flag the G1’s lack of multi-touch input support. Turns out, it might just be able to handle it after all -on the hardware end, at least. Whilst tearing his G1’s workings apart line-by-line, a crafty coder going by RyeBrye came across an interesting artifact.

Calypso sues T-Mobile USA over Hotspot@Home service

By: T-Marco November 16th, 2008

FMC company Calypso Wireless has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against T-Mobile USA, charging that the operator violates its patent pertaining to how T-Mobile switches callers between GSM and WiFi connections.

Visual Voicemail coming soon to the T-Mobile G1

By: T-Marco November 12th, 2008

PhoneFusion announced today an upcoming Fusion Voicemail Plus app that will bring visual voicemail to the T-Mobile G1 handset. The app will let G1 users centralize their voicemail boxes in one place, and allow them to visualize voicemail messages right on their screen.

Samsung Behold 101

By: T-Marco November 12th, 2008

The Behold is already out and many of us, still are thinking about getting this phone or not. Maybe get the G1, iPhone or just wait for the new Samsung T929 Leica. Everything you want and have to know about the behold is here. Good comparison and why you should and shouldn’t buy the Behold.

Blackberry Curve 8900 American version passed FCC

By: T-Marco November 12th, 2008

Today FCC just passed the new Blackberry Curve 8900 for North America. The Blackberry 8900 will be available in United States at AT&T and T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Behold Review

By: T-Marco November 11th, 2008

T-Mobile launched the Behold yesterday and after one day of having fun, playing and messing around, KidEgo, a user for our forums, made this interesting review.

The Samsung Behold, in my most humble opinion, is one of the best looking phone T-Mobile has come out with in a long time.