Samsung A637 manual leaked

By: T-Marco September 29th, 2008

On September 22nd, engadget reported a new funny looking samsung. Now, we got the official name, this is called Samsung A637. No names for this model just A637 and we got the manual pictures and we will give you the official specifications for this little guy.

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Nokia 1680 already on

By: T-Marco September 29th, 2008

As we mentioned before, today T-Mobile launched the new low end Nokia 1680. It will feature a vga camera, my faves capable, mms, and sms.

T-Mobile will not carry the Bold…but the Curve II….YES!

By: T-Marco September 29th, 2008

Blackberry 8oldBlackberryNews reported that, according with a high level source, T-Mobile, will not carry ever the Blackberry 9000 or Bold. There were some pictures around in the web showing a Bold with a T-Mobile Logo from some guy at the DNC few weeks ago.

More and more pics of G1

By: T-Marco September 29th, 2008

Getting tired about the G1? well, we cant. This is the best phone that T-Mobile has had so far, and we have to tell you as much as we can. Here are some closer pics about the G1. Did you order yours already?

Mandatory dialing for the New Mexico 505/575 Area Code Split

By: T-Marco September 27th, 2008

T-Mobile is reminding its customers that the 505/575 area code split relief plan approved by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC) will enter its final phase on October 5, 2008, when mandatory dialing becomes effective.

Official Pictures G1 on (Black, White and Brown!!)

By: T-Marco September 27th, 2008

Yes guys, we got the new official pictures for the new G1 in Black, White and Brown. Now you can look and compared how the new Google OS device will look in 3 new colors.

New Safari on iPhone 2.2

By: T-Marco September 26th, 2008

With the iPhone v2.1 software out of the door, Apple is hard at work on v2.2. From this first glimpse it looks like Apple, now the major bugs have been fixed, will be adding a few new features.

New T-Zones will be free

By: T-Marco September 25th, 2008

Are you getting tired when every time you use your unlock phone, you cant surf inside t-zones?. I had that feeling at times. You could not buy any ringtones, pictures, wallpapers or any game. T-Mobile has restricted its wap website for only T-Mobile USA phones. Meaning, if you bought an unlock phone on eBay, Amazon or you just got it as a present, you couldn’t use it to surf on t-zones.