Samsung preparing a CDMA Omnia

By: T-Marco August 28th, 2008

Samsung is getting ready to launch the new version of the Samsung Omnia, the CDMA version. This variant of the Samsung i900 (omnia) is the i910. it will come with Bluetooth 2.0, WLAN, EDVO, and a 5 mega pixel camera with autofocus.

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Motorola W6 coming to T-Mobile

By: T-Marco August 27th, 2008

Wells seams like the Motorola w450 is the W6 hitting to T-Mobile. Motorola announced the W6 in Brazil on July First 2008. There were rumors about how it is going to be called the new motorola. Finally T-Mobile will call it MotoACTV. Probably the new Motorola W6 or W450 will be available on the same day the Sony Ericsson TM506 will debut

Sony Ericsson TM506 Review by CNET

By: T-Marco August 26th, 2008

The Sony Ericsson TM506 marks a couple of “firsts” for T-Mobile. Not only is it the first Sony Ericsson to land at T-Mobile in several years, but also it’s the carrier’s first 3G cell phone since it launched its 3G network in May. Though it doesn’t offer a streaming media experience or a wireless music store, it does have a pleasant array of features and decent performance in a likeable design.

Nokia 6650 Fold soon on AT&T

By: T-Marco August 25th, 2008

We thought that the Nokia 6650, back few months ago, will be exclusively for T-Mobile Germany. Wells, seams like AT&T is way steps ahead from T-Mobile USA. The new version of the Nokia 6650  FOLD will come to USA but, to AT&T.

Samsung Tocco coming in Pink

By: T-Marco August 25th, 2008

T-Mobile USA is preparing its weapons for the big launch of the Samsung T919, A.K.A Tocco. We know the phone will come in Black but Samsung just show us the New Samsung F480 or Tocco in a Pink Finish, specially designed for ladies or whoever likes pink.

Dallas gets a speed boost

By: T-Marco August 24th, 2008

And 3G for T-Mobile continues, and this time is for Dallas!!!.. yes baby! Do you guys remember our schedule for 3G nationwide? Apparently Dallas wasn’t on to launch 3G services UMTS/HSDPA for this month. However,

Review: txtForward

By: Zach Flauaus August 24th, 2008

For the BlackBerry users out in there in the audience, I’m sure you’ve been plagued with the disappearing messages because of the lack of available memory. Now, for email, this isn’t so much a problem as it’s most likely on your mail server, but for texts, those messages are gone, right? Wrong. Electric Pocket has an awesome new product for you to try out, and I swear by it.

Pictures Leaked of Blackberry 8220 OS for T-Mobile

By: T-Marco August 22nd, 2008

Do you guys remember when we mentioned that the Blackberry Kickstart is the Blackberry Pearl 8220? Wells, seems like T-Mobile USA will launch the new Pearl the early October. This is going to be the first flip Blackberry in the history and i believe this is going to be a HUGE launch, almost the same when T-Mobile