T-Mobile Raises SMS Rates, Joins the Club

By: Zach Flauaus June 30th, 2008

sms_prices.jpgFor those who frequently go over your alloted text messages or don’t have a text messaging plan at all, I have some bad news… Again. T-Mobile has raised their texting rates to $.20 per text sent and received to match the industry. There isn’t much to say, so we’ll do a few examples.


So, it’s not much of a difference if you are paying overages, but it can definitely hurt in the pocketbook. Now then, this raises a question: how can such a small amount of data cost so much for the carriers to transfer? The answer: it doesn’t. They want people to get the texting plans because it makes them more revenue upfront. Granted, why carriers feel the need to mimic one another by raising prices and abandoning that much competition I have no clue and probably never will. Nonetheless, we can only expect rates to go up even higher.

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T-Mobile gets BlackBerry Javelin with “Safe Mode” and Gaming

By: Zach Flauaus June 27th, 2008

T-Mobile users can finally rejoice as they’ll get a new QWERTY BlackBerry with OS 4.6 soon enough. The BlackBerry Javelin (the Bold’s lesser, non-3G enabled cousin) will arrive on T-Mobile… Well, possibly mid-2009. Granted, times change and it may be sped up (hopefully it will be).

Some of the interesting details coming to light are things such as “Safe Mode,” RIM’s own psuedo-GPS, and gaming. Yes, gaming.

Chrysler announces in-car 3G/WiFi

By: Zach Flauaus June 26th, 2008

chrysler.jpgInternet addicts who think BlackBerry’s are just a hold-over until they get home are in luck: Chrysler announced that select 2009 model cars will be able to connect to WiFi in their cars while on the road through 3G networks. Uconnect web, a branch of their Uconnect system, will be the newest innovation in their lineup, bringing you internet wherever you go, granted for a monthly fee.

It’s Official: Motorola ROKR E8 on T-Mobile

By: Zach Flauaus June 26th, 2008


As we reported yesterday, the ROKR E8 is now officially in T-Mobile’s lineup. Granted, the “Coming Soon” tag is a bit daunting, but we do know that it will be released to the public July 7th.

Verizon Dares you to use the LG Dare

By: Zach Flauaus June 26th, 2008

lg_dare.jpgVerizon’s newest touchscreen phone, the LG Dare (also known as the VX9700), is daring people to take a look at it. To be released online June 26th and then retail July 3rd, the Dare looks like it may be a interesting little phone. For $200, it puts up a fight with it’s closest brother, the LG Voyager, in a few different aspects.

Prorated ETF fees now live on T-Mobile

By: Zach Flauaus June 26th, 2008

Prorated early termination fees (ETFs) have been industry standard for a little while now, but T-Mobile is just now getting around to it. Starting immediately, prorated ETFs are applicable to all customers and will make it easier on their wallets if they desire to cancel their T-Mobile service prematurely. Granted, ETFs are a little hard to understand on what the pricing is, so here’s a quick little chart that I mocked up.


The prorated ETFs come as a response to Congress getting ready to pressure carriers to implement prorated ETFs as well as ease the burden of cost. T-Mobile is the last of the Big Four to follow suit.

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Alltel Starting EVDO Rev. A Rollout

By: Zach Flauaus June 26th, 2008

alltel.jpgAlltel users can finally stop envying Verizon users (or soon to be fellow users) and Sprint as Alltel is finally rolling out EVDO Rev. A in certain areas. Verizon Wireless has had their networks at Rev. A for quite some time as well as most of Sprint’s network being Rev. A. The list of markets hasn’t been fully released but includes Charlotte, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Tampa.

For those who may not be familiar with EVDO Rev. 0 and Rev. A, here’s a quick rundown. EVDO Rev. 0 has average download speeds between 400-700Kbps with bursts of 2.4Mbps (which is rarely seen) in addition to low upload speeds with an average of 50-70Kbps and bursts up to 144Kbps. Rev. A, on the other hand, boosts everything with an average download speed between 600Kbps to 1.4Mbps and bursts up to 3.1Mbps and average uploads go up to 500-800Kbps with bursts to 1.8Mbps. Also as a side benefit is lower latency for better VoIP usage.

As a user of EVDO Rev. A (on Verizon’s network), I can attest to the fact that Alltel users will greatly appreciate this boost given that they can actually use it. Owners of the UTStarcomm UM150, Huawei EC228, HTC PPC6800, and HTC Touch will be able to benefit from the new upgrades through a simple software upgrade. An additional number thrown in is 82 percent: the number of potential customers that will have EVDO coverage compared to 76 percent now.

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T-Mobile @Home to launch nationwide July 2nd

By: Zach Flauaus June 26th, 2008

tmobile_athome.jpgFirst off, I’d advise you to take the warning of T-Mobile and do not attempt to cut down phone lines like the lady in the video did. That said, on July 2nd, do feel free to cut up your old landline account since T-Mobile’s @Home service is going nationwide.

For an additional $10/month, T-Mobile will give you a custom Linksys WiFi router, to which you have to put T-Mobile SIM cards in, along with (we assume) a VTech wireless phone, although you are able to plug in a landline phone of your choice. Customers get the standard caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, and call forwarding in addition to the service’s main appeal: unlimited local and long distance.

Scroll down for the commercial featuring the woman who is none to pleased with her landline service.

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